Article Marketing: What Should I Write About If My Website Sells Many Different Products?

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Article marketing is a great way to drive traffic back to your website by increasing your inbound links, elevating your search engine ranking for your keywords, and also giving your website widespread exposure.

When you're doing article marketing, the articles you write will be on the topic of your website--you're trying to attract targeted readers who will read your article and then be interested in clicking through to your website.

But what if your website sells products, and lots of different products at that?

What if you have a section of your website that sells electronics, and then another section that sells children's clothing, and then another section that sells gardening tools?

With such diverse topics on one website, you may find it confusing trying to figure out what to write about, but writing for a website that sells many different types of products is not all that different than writing for a website that just represents one thing.

What you need to do is think of your website as being a collection of niches--while another author might write on one topic all the time, you will be writing on several different niches (all the niches on your website).

For example, if you were writing articles to drive traffic back to the gardening part of your website, you could write an article called "The Top 10 Gift Ideas For Gardeners".

Then in your article you would write about 10 types of products that you have at your site (rather than specific products), such as gardening tools, gardening clothing, gardening pots, etc.

I know that whenever you're writing for a product based website that it's tempting to write about a specific product and then say "go to my website to get it!", but that's not the way you want to go with article marketing.

The only place where you can mention your own website is your resource box, and in the article body it's best to keep things as general and educational (not sales oriented) as possible.

So, you could say in your article "I've seen gardening pots that are so beautiful they look like jewelry for your yard--any gardener would enjoy receiving one as a gift!".

Then in your resource box you would say something like, "If you're in search of the perfect gift for the gardener in your life, visit here => [insert your URL]"

See how easy that is?

That's a very intelligent way to write for a product based website, and when you have several types of products on your site you would simply write other articles that addressed the other departments on your site.

And what part of your website should your resource box link to?

You can vary it--you may wish to link directly to the main page of your website sometimes. If you've written about a certain type of product, you will likely have a listing of your various departments on the front page of your site (and you'll probably have a search box as well).

So, it's fine to link to the main page of your site from your resource box, but you may wish to mix things up a bit by having some articles link to the department page, and still others that link directly to a product page.

Remember, there are just a few points to keep in mind:

*It's best if you don't mention specific products in your article.

If you do mention specific products in your article and you then link back to a sales page for that item, then the article will appear to be promotional, and many publishers routinely decline what they consider to be promotional or self-serving articles (articles that try to sell things).

*Write about a particular area of your site--think of your site as collection of niches and write articles for each niche.

That's not that hard, is it?

So many times business owners who own websites that sell lots of different products get stumped when trying to figure out what to write about when they're doing article marketing because they don't have just one topic to write about.

But if you just tweak your thinking a bit, you'll see that if you do own one of these websites that sells several different types of products that you actually have a bountiful selection of writing topics--you'll probably never run out of ideas for articles!

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