Violence Between Farmers and Riot Police in Greek

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Violence Between Farmers and Riot Police in Greek
A farmer throws potatoes at riot police in the main port of Piraeus, near Athens Photo: AP

After nearly two weeks of protests in Piraeus, seem like violence can't be avoided. As the result at least two people were injured. What farmers want is financial help from the government to strict the world economic crisis but thing is never be that easy.

More than 1,000 farmers from Crete were in Piraeus with tractors, trucks and other agricultural vehicles. They attempted to hit agriculture ministry in the Capital City of Greek, Athens.

The problem is that police allowed them to do the protests but not with those tractors or trucks, only on their foot. A group of farmers want to use their tractors to break through the police line at inside the port but they were pushed back by fired tear gas by police.


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