3 Tips for SEO

By Khate on 10:10 PM

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Getting to the top of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a very hard job. It requires much affords and time but if you can mange to get your site on the top or near the top of the list, you are going to see how much money you will get. Here I want you to consider these 3 tips which can help you with SEO.

All Unique Post: Unique post means the post you are publishing can be found only on your site. There is no other place that they can find the post. SEO gives much value to unique post which means that you will list on the top of the list.

Use keyword in URL and Title: It is very simple that you must be careful when giving a title to each post. Remember that title always is the first to show and SEO always count it first. That is not enough; URL is also an extreme part to help your site to be listed on the top if you can insert keywords in the URL. A static URL is better than a string one.

Get More Backlink: There are many ways to get backlinks such as commenting, submitting articles to free directory with backlink, link exchange, social bookmarking, forum or even buy high quality backlink. It depends on the time you have. If you have much time, you can find free backlink first.


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