5 Easiest Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

By Khate on 4:24 PM

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5 Easiest Ways to Get Traffic to Your BlogDo you satisfy with the traffic you are getting with your blog now? Do the visitors of your blog keep increasing, decreasing or remaining the same? There are many ways to attract more visitors. In this post, I would like to share 5 best and easiest ways to get more traffic.

1. Provide free stuffs: People are looking for free thing. It would be good if you can share something free for your visitors. If your blog is about software review, you can give them a free download for some software or give them free tutors. With all those free stuffs, your visitors will keep coming back to get those free things.

2. Share comments with related blog: It is a very good idea to make yourself socialize. Blogger follows blogger. You can make friend with other bloggers who are writing blog with similar topic. You can left a link to your blog in your comment and people will click on the link if they found it interesting.

3. Respond to comment of your blog: Never left your visitors behind. If your visitors comment on your blog, reply back. Once they get new information, they are more likely to share their experience or ask for writer idea. If you can reply to their comments, they feel that they involve in the story. This is the best way to make honest visitors.

4. Promise for new update: This is another way to keep your old readers coming back. For example, you can start a post under title "How to Use XXXXX - Part 1" and later you can continue with Part 2 and Part 3. This can be best for work with something new that you are doing a research on. If you are testing a new program, you may start the first post with introduction and finish it with result under another post.

5. Use social bookmarking: Digg, Delicious, Facebook, Reddit and Yahoo are great social bookmarking. Beside search engine, backlink is the best way to bring traffic to your blog. Many webmasters spent a lot of money to buy backlinks from other blog as they don't have enough time to get those free backlink. I can't see any reason for why you don't use those backlink.

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When I first started blogging, I considered it a good day when I got 1 visitor to the blog on the day. But I persisted and learned and implemented what I learned and now it's simply amazing. Increase Blog Traffic is a summary of the methods that I used. But the other issue is you must deliver good content to keep them coming back. This is crucial

Posted on March 6, 2009 at 12:50 PM  

For blogger, Content is the king and Layout is the Queen but we also must spend more affords to let them know who we are with some advertising or get ourselves socialize.

Thank for your comment.

Posted on March 6, 2009 at 10:18 PM  

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