Spiderman Mulholland Appears on 21st Century Business Television Series

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GAINESVILLE, Fla., July 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Spiderman S. Mulholland, Senior Forensic investigator and national consultant with US Building Consultants Inc. and US Building Laboratories Inc., spoke with Jackie Bales, the host for 21(st) Century Business and guest Roger Ballentine, former senior member of the White House staff, serving President Bill Clinton as Chairman of the White House Climate Change Task Force and Deputy Assistant to the President for Environmental Initiatives, now President of Green Strategies Inc.

This segment's topic was forensic investigation of construction issues, including the current problem plaguing the construction industry - defective Chinese drywall.

During the dialogue with Bales and Ballentine, Mulholland discussed the need for forensic investigations, importance of documentation, defective Chinese drywall, services provided by USBCI, diagnosing construction failures, water intrusion, mold, and warranties for homes that had Chinese drywall and have been properly remediated.

The video will be airing in the next couple months and will be available on USBCI's website, www.usbcinc.com.

To learn more about Spiderman Mulholland and USBCI, go online to www.usbcinc.com, or to arrange an interview, contact annie@usbcinc.com.


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