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For some parents, it is every night at bed time, a nightmare. Stories for children, whine, kick, scream and fight attempts to go to bed. Much of this tragedy can be avoided if parents are willing to create a tough routine for their children. Children feel more secure when it is common for this day. You know what to expect, and the lack of surprises help them go easily negotiate the tasks to be fulfilled, or work in the prospect of going to bed.
For parents, even if it may be difficult to determine whether the router is available, the nights a lot easier.

First, the TV goes off at a certain time every night. If possible to do so early enough for you any time you need for normal night, but in an era of television broadcasts have ended. In this way, children learn that at the end of their special show, it's time to go to bed.

The following routine would have the children clean TV now, one of the rooms of the house. In this case, clean means just sat up and putting away toys. You can do this as a family, adults and children. Children are to bring together all the responsibilities on the field. A good rule is that games are not on the floor during the night and blew himself took the cleaning fairy. This keeps the children highly motivated to save games. Of course, parents should be prepared to act on threats, and if you leave toys on the floor, a place for themselves, can be found in a box in your closet, if not the children, which apply for a Day or two, then play part for the night.

Once done, the renovation of rooms, it's time to hit the bathroom. This means that routine cleaning at night, and wash hands and face and brushing teeth. Even if you do not go to the bathroom, you should still be used. This will create good habits for them, or later as they age.

To give them something to look forward to be part of the routine of pleasure. For example, they can find a story every night to read.
This gives you high quality face-to-face time with their children is a very good relationship with your children and gives them some control of how the routine of the night. Note also choose a story. If someone asks another, just tell them that they can recover this history, the next night. Stick to the routine.

At this point, especially for younger children, it's time for lights out. Lights out, does not mean that the parents left. Parents turn off the lights, then back to bed. If faith is important that your family is the ideal time to pray together. Or, if this is not your thing to sing a song for children is always a great way to calm a bit, and also for the connection and relationship with your children, now adults. This will have significant side effects, such as children grow older. When you pray in song, or willing, it is time to Eskimos and butterflies and good night kisses and hugs. A little physical love in the evening, just before sleep, helps to connect, to feel a love of family and helps them feel safe and know that all is well.

Once finished, it's time to leave the room. Do not change your routine. It is difficult to determine, at first, but the younger children, if you do, the better. At some point the race children from above. If you go alone, as if there was no other choice but to follow the routine, eventually fall in line. It is the nature, limits and test drive to see if this routine is mandatory. Once you realize that, to really enjoy and feel better because they know what happens, no surprises happen every night.

When they try to push, you scream and shout and shout and call names and tell you how much you like. All you need to ignore them. After one or two weeks should be clamped to them. If the trade of the night, each routine is more routine. And then use the same set every night, you have chaos.

Parents have control routine. Imagine is a productive and fun, and this will make life easier for the whole family.


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