3 Common Mistakes for Blogger

By Khate on 8:24 PM

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3 Common Mistakes for BloggerNow we can see more and more people start blogging but most of the fail to maintain their blog and attract visitors. Regarding to all of these failure, I we have noticed there are three common mistake that most bloggers encounter.

  • Blog only when they want: If you want to be a professional blogger, you must devote some of your daily time blogging or you will easily fail. Share your love with your blog, give one value to your blog and consider your blog is a friend and the friend need food. The food is your content so you must feel your friend with content everyday.
    You may find it is ridiculous but yours visitor keep needing new and more information from your blog. If you can give the enough information, there is no reason for them to run away from your blog. The information doesn't need to be 100% written by you. If you find any attractive information, just give a link to the source and guide your visitors to the information.
  • Do not blog for MONEY blog for your VISITORS: This is very important to feel your visitors. Most people only ask for a good niches so they can make more money while forgetting their visitors. Don't forget to give your visitors a space for them to share their ideas or asking for more help.
  • Blogging is so boring: Of course it is true that blogging is boring that is the reason why you should first blog about what you really like the most. Find what you are interested in the most and start blogging. Don't look at the revenue, you are earning at the beginning stage since it is so small.
Blogging is not fun but it is a business that requires much attention and motivation. Just sitting in front of your computer, you won't make any money, you need to spend time and money to be successful.

Good luck!!!


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