Good Keyword Research Can Help You Build Traffic

By Khate on 5:34 PM

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It is the most important aspect of writing website or blog. If your website or blog is rich in attractive keywords, you will rank higher in search engine. If you carefully do keyword search, you can select a better keyword that most people search everyday in which it is very helpful if you are writing website or blog for pay per click campaigns. Traffic is money.

Keyword is even more important than Page Ranking. You may have noticed that some website or blog with only Page Ranking 2 but they have more than 2k visitors each day while other blog with the same Page Ranking doesn't have more than 100 visitors each day. Keyword is the main factor in search ranking.

In any technique you use, you need good keyword rich titles or tags. Having good keywords in press releases allows the press releases to be ranked more quickly. Likewise, tagging a video on YouTube or one of the other video services with effective keywords will also help it to rank better.

All in all, getting a higher ranking on various pages of Google will help to generate more traffic. If all the various elements of your marketing and blog are linked together, it will help your rank that much more. So decide what your central hub is going to be, whether it is a blog or a website, then use keyword research on articles, videos, etc. to quickly build that blog or website's ranking and generate massive traffic.


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