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Many people choose to join Squidoo coz they want to be fun and make friends but there are also many other Suidoo members who wish to make money with Squidoo.

Squidoo was started by the Original Squid, Seth Godin. Nearly ten years ago, Seth founded Yoyodyne, which originated the idea of permission marketing online. After Yoyodyne was acquired by Yahoo, he served as VP Direct Marketing for Yahoo for about a year. In 2000, Godin focused full-time on his career as an acclaimed public speaker, an author and a blogger. Seven of Seth's books have been bestsellers somewhere around the world, and his blog has been picked as the best business blog by several leading publications. Seth's head is the most recognizable author icon in business.

Alright, now let's get back to how to make money online with Squidoo:

  • Affiliate Product: As we already know already that Squidoo has million members so this is a very great place to sell products. What you have to do is to built up a good lenses about your promoting products and try to make friends with Squidoo members and give them a guide to your affiliate link so you will stand a chance to make money with the affiliate link.
  • Sell Your Own Product: If you have your own product, then you don't have to sell other product. You can make bigger money with selling your own product right away.
  • Free link to Your Blog/Website: It is very simple to add to your new lenses. If you have your own blog then you can get a link to your own blog for free visitors.
  • Special Referral Link: Squidoo has a very special referral link which you can refer your friends to join Squidoo so you can make $5 once your referral earning reach $15 meanwhile your referal also can make extra $5 too. It means that you and your referal both make $5. If you don't join Squidoo under anyone, you won't stand a chance to make the extra $5.
For payment method, Squidoo uses Paypal that you can change your minimum payout from $1 to 1 million. At the same time, if you want to be part of charity, Squidoo also give you another option that you can choose to donate your earning to many charities or keep all your money or split your earning (some for charity and some for you). *Note: You will never be able to find the Payment Setting as long as you have create your first Lenses.

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