3 Step Guide For Selling Ebooks Like a Marketing Pro!

By Khate on 8:14 AM

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You have some decent basic education, good grasp of the English language and moderate skills with the computer, then selling Ebooks is the perfect way to make money from the internet. This 3 step guide is designed to show you how you can succeed in this effort.

1. Writing your Ebook

An Ebook does not run into several hundred pages unlike its physical counter part. Typically, the length of an Ebook ranges from 40 pages to 100 pages. You can gather all the information required to help you write these pages from one or more popular search engines. Once you have all the information required, create a unique table of contents and spread the available information into different chapters. You are now one step closer to make money selling Ebooks.

2. No inventory, no printing costs

Unlike physical books, you need not carry any inventory of copies because your Ebook can be digitally copied any number of time at will. You will also substantially save on printing costs since you are only offering soft copies.

3. Address compatibility

Computer screens are not the only place where people look to read the Ebooks in the technology driven era. A number of mobile devices are wirelessly enabled to receive different signals and people therefore would be accessing the internet from these devices. There is also the Ebook reader from Amazon (Kindle) and Sony reader are the most popular, though there are several others vying for a share of this pie. To be successful in selling Ebooks, you should make your Ebook format compatible for reading through all these devices.


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