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It is very important to check out to know how good the paid survey site is since you will have to spend your time on it so you will expect some revenue from your afford. Here are some method for you to check out the target survey site:

  • Its overall reputation: Try to have a quick check on internet to know how other people evaluate this site. What people have said about this site. You may go to Google and search for something like "How to make money with xxxxx"
  • Your own ability to make money with the site: It is totally related to your background. If you think that you have much experience with what the paid survey site is all about then you can start your campaign but if you think that the paid survey site is about something that you don't really have idea then yo can look for another one instead of spending much time on it but earn less.
  • Good referral program: Usually each paid survey site has its own referral program and this is how you can make big money by referring your friends with your referral link.
  • Payment: This is one of the most important part in making money with paid survey site. If your country is in the send and receive list of Paypal then you can find it is easy to get your money to your bank. In case your country is not in the list then you may consider some other paid survey site that allows to get your payment via Alertpay. However you still can get your money from your Paypal account even your country is not in the list of Paypal but it requires you to do many other thing and it is quite dangerous since you can be cheated by other people.
Once you can find one good paid survey site then you can consider your time and your afford for the site.


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