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Dooyoo is so much similar to Ciaos which allows its members to write review of products or share opinion related to today problem. You will get paid every time other members read and rate your review. If you found that it is hard to get other member read and rate your review, Dooyoo also gives you another chance to make money is to get a premium fund award at the end of the month in which a selection of the best reviews of the past 4 weeks awarded around pound5 to pound10 extra.

One common tip to get your review read and rate by other members is to read and rate their review so that they are more likely to do the same so you did to them.

Last but not least, if you are a member of Ciaos already. it would be better to join this site. You can make more money with this site too. Please obey the rule so you won't get banned.

Here are the rule:

1. Be original and don't copy.

Plagiarism is a major no-no on dooyoo, and there really is no excuse for it when with every review submission you also agree to the dooyoo Oath, confirming that the review is your original work.

If you're quoting specific facts or statistics, make sure you cite your sources. If you're researching your review, make sure you put your research into your own words. In short, make sure your reviews are your own.

2. Make sure your Premium Reviews are of premium quality.

Premium Reviews are those that receive dooyooMiles on dooyoo, so if you want to receive your dooyooMiles rewards, you need to make sure that your review is of a sufficiently high quality. Reviews must be written in easily understandable, native level English, contain personal consumer opinion of a product that you yourself own or have had considerable experience with (taking a Porsche for one test drive does not qualify you to review it on dooyoo), and be helpful to consumers using dooyoo to research their product purchases.

Sneaky reviews that just scrape over our Premium Review threshold (150 words) but do not contain 150 words of genuine consumer review, instead being padded with lists, repetitions, or other non-relevant material are also counted as dooyoo abuse. We probably shouldn't have to be specific but just in case; for a recipe or food review, for example, a list of ingredients is fine but only if there are at least 150 words of genuine review once the lists are subtracted. Same goes for CD tracklists and information that is irrelevant to the product being reviewed (it's great that you received the product as a gift from your sister's neighbour last week, and that it was wrapped in floral wrapping paper, and tied with a red bow - but this information doesn't really help consumers form an opinion about the product itself so therefore isn't included in the 150 word minimum). Repeated sentences (or whole paragraphs!), using punctuation to reach the minimum word limit, or some other kind of 'word limit fraud' is dooyoo abuse.

3. Post each review only once.

Although some products in the dooyoo catalogue may be similar, they are not the same, and therefore posting the same review under numerous different products is not useful to users of dooyoo. Trying to collect extra dooyooMiles in this way will likely result in your account being closed.

4. Rate reviews honestly, and read all reviews properly before making your rating.

Our systems tell us how long you spend reading a review before you rate it, so obviously if we see a pattern that you're opening 1,000 word reviews and rating them three seconds later, we're going to need to have a chat with you about "speed-clicking". This is when you click as fast as you can through a friend's reviews to generate dooyooMiles for them. While we all sometimes click through a review quickly if it wasn't what we were looking for, if it becomes a trend (and you do it many times in a row) your activity officially becomes dooyoo abuse.

Similarly, if you develop a pattern of rating anyone who gives you a negative rating in the same way, this is called "revenge rating" and is also against the site rules. We definitely want you to be honest in your ratings - don't be afraid to use the full range of rating buttons - but make sure that your rating truly reflects your genuine opinion of how useful the review is and is not influenced by ratings that member gave your reviews.

5. Be helpful, polite, and friendly.

Keep your behaviour on the site positive and you'll find that others respond to you in the same way. Of course, as in any community with a range of different personalities and people with various beliefs, there will from time to time be differences of opinion on the site. This doesn't have to be negative though, and in fact keeps the community vital and interesting - just make sure that you always approach others with respect and a virtual smile.

Obviously, offensive language or behaviour is not acceptable on dooyoo. Nor is being lewd and or generally 'icky' - no one likes that. You all know what we mean, just be sensible and aware of what others might potentially find inappropriate.


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