How to Make Money Online with HotFile (Paid to Upload)

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In addition to the previous post which is about How to Make Money Online with KewlShare (Paid to Upload). Now I have found another place where you can make extra money by uploading your files, just very similar to KewlShare.

This how you can make money:

Filesize Earnings
5-50Mb $5 for every 1000 downloads
50-100Mb $7 for every 1000 downloads
100-400Mb $10 for every 1000 downloads

Here are the Rules

1. Downloads are counted only if done from the following countries: United States, Canada, Norway, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Liechtenstein.
2. We count every single finished download.
3. The minimum payable ammount is $15.
4. We pay every Monday.

Visit HotFile Now.


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