How to Make Money Online with KewlShare (Paid to Upload)

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KewlShare is a provider of online storage services. We offer ad-financed free and affordable premium online storage/remote backup capacity. Moreover other users downloading your files earns you reward points that you can redeem for premium accounts and cash.

You will get about $0.005 / 5 Points for each Unique download, where the minimum file size will be 100 MB and above.

10000 Unique Downloads = 50000 Points $ 50
20000 Unique Downloads = 100000 Points $ 100
100000 Unique Downloads = 500000 Points $ 500
200000 Unique Downloads = 1000000 Points $ 1,000
1000000 Unique Downloads = 5000000 Points $ 5,000

What is the Minimum Payout?

The minimum payout will be 10$. Once You reach the minimum payout of 10$ you can make a payout request, and you will get the payment in 12 Business days.

Maximum Point Count for a Single File is 30,000 or 30$ per File.

Sorry for the inconvenience, Due to Economic crisis eCPM of advertisments are very low, So to go through this situtation we are forced to add this limit. Hope you understand the situtation.

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