Sharein Officially Launches Web Tool To Share Links To Twitter, Facebook And Email

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SEATTLE, WA (MMD Newswire) July 20, 2009 -- Sharein officially launches a web browser tool that enables users to share links to their friends, family and customers extremely easily. Sharein is fast and simple. Users can save time by sharing links 60% faster via email. Twitter and Facebook sharing is as simple as two clicks.

Most Internet users dread the hassle of copying long web addresses (URL) so they can share interesting articles or videos. Long URLs are not email friendly as the link can be broken when it is re-shared. And long URLs dramatically increase the chance for typographical errors. Sharein addresses this by enabling automatic link sharing within a single click on any webpage.

Sharein saves time by automatically capturing a webpage's address (URL), title, and description. Sharein also creates a thumbnail image so your friends can preview the webpage before clicking on it. Sharein provides a huge convenience by saving your most commonly emailed friends, as well as your Twitter and Facebook profile for instant sharing.

"Discovering good content on the Internet has become an increasingly social activity. You are more likely to read an article that was shared to you from a good friend," says Colin Wong, CEO of Sharein. Before this, Colin worked in Google and was involved in the successful launch of Google's AdSense products.

"Link sharing is only one half of the story. What happens after you've shared a link? What is the impact of your share? How many people did you reach? How many people viewed it? How many people re-shared your link to their friends?" asked Colin. Knowing this information helps you understand how you influence others. Sharein gives social influencers a great tool to help them understand the impact of their shared links. Sharein provides reports and graphs to illustrate reach, clicks and re-shares across email, Facebook and Twitter.

For Sharein, it is about simplicity, easy-of-use and speed. Why share links the hard way when Sharein does all the work for you?


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