Americans Pay The Most Cellphone Service of $635.85 to Other Countries

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Americans Pay The Most Cellphone Service of $635.85 to Other CountriesAccording to a survey done by dslreports Americans pay $635.85 on cell phone service, compared to $131.44 per year in the Netherlands or $137.94 per year in Sweden.

The study highlights how prices have decreased 21% for low-usage (360 calls per year, 390 SMS, 8 MMS) consumers, 28% for medium usage, and by about 32% for high usage (1680 calls per year, 660 SMS)consumers. Still, a medium use customer in the United States (780 calls per year, 600 SMS, and eight MMS) pays $53 a month for service, compared to $11 a month for service in the Netherlands.
Are all of those high cellphone service payment it America bad indicator? The more business to do the more we have to pay so there is no embarrassment with this high bill. I guess the payment will increase more than this next year since now Sprint is trying to increase its wireless network around the country.


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