How to Effectively Use Keywords in SEO

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When building a website, it is important to think about the keywords to use in each page. This is an important part of Search Engine Optimization. When done correctly, you can not only have a better site but one that would get frequent site traffic as well.

To start off, you have to understand why is there a need for a keyword to focus on for every single site page and not the entire site itself. Every page is a potential landing site for visitors. Since every page is being crawled by spiders, the different keywords per page can also open the opportunity for more people to look up that keyword and stumble upon your site.

In choosing a keyword, make sure that you are choosing something that is in demand but not too popular. It means that do not choose something that is too obscure. It should be timely and people would really want to have information regarding that keyword. Do not also use a very popular term since the more popular it is, the more competition you will have. Go for keywords that you can possibly have a high page rank in. Do this by researching on your subject as well as on the competitions you will have in it.

The most important of all tags is in the title tag. You always have to take note of this and use it to your advantage. If you have it in your title, the more chances there is for you to get ranked by the search engines.

Keyword density is important if you want your site to show up in the first few of the search engine results. Use your keyword repeatedly in your copy but never too much. The usual accepted density is 3% to 7% of the whole document content for the primary keywords. For the secondary keywords, the acceptable density is 1% to 2%. Though some may dispute these figures, more or less they are the accepted number.

Keywords play one of the most vital roles in optimization that is why it is important to learn how to apply them precisely. If you still want to expand what you have learned, try and reach the tutorials on sites like Profit Lance. They are regarded as the best places to learn SEO and other internet marketing techniques as well.


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