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Are you struggling to get traffic to your blog or website? Have you been jumping from one traffic source to the next only to find that none of them seem to work? If you've been trying to generate traffic to your site for a while now with no great success it sounds like suffering a lack of focus. You need to focus on getting one of site promotion method working correctly before moving onto the next one. Once you start seeing results from your original form of traffic generation start to explore other avenues, but not until you get this one working first.

Here are 5 site promotion tips you can use to generate traffic to your site:

1. Reply to questions on yahoo answers. Similar to a forum Yahoo Answers has a large community of people looking to get their questions answered. To make the most of yahoo answers you want provide quality content that specifically answers people's questions. For each question posted, there will usually be a number of responses to the question, but the aim is for your answer to be voted "Best Answer." The more "Best Answers" you get nominated for, the more of an authority you will become.

2. Purchase advertising space on high traffic blogs. Similar to using the content network of Google Adwords you can request high traffic blog sites to post an ad linking back to your website. They will usually charge a weekly or monthly fee for the privilege but this can open a lot of doors in generating highly targeted traffic back to your website. Another option is Technorati where you can find blogs that are selling advertising space on their site.

3. Submit to social bookmarking sites. Make sure when setting up your blog or website you submit to all the popular social bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Propeller, Delicious etc. The more the better... To find more social bookmarking sites, simply perform a search in Google for "top 10 social bookmarking sites" then go ahead and submit to these as well.

4. Reply to posts in the forums including a signature link to your website. If you choose to focus on this method to start off with, select a couple of forums where you can be regular participant and eventually become known as an authority in your niche. Big Boards is a website that lists the top discussion forums by rank. You can go here and find out the most popular forums in your niche.

5. Submit an update on Twitter linking to your website. Every time you update your blog or website be sure to notify all your followers on Twitter that you've done so. This not only helps to generate traffic to your website when followers click on the lick but also provides one-way backlinks from authoritative sites that Google knows and trusts.

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